St Michael's Lutheran Church and Worship Centre, Hahndorf is available for weddings during the year. Enquiries may be made by contacting the Church office on (08) 8388 1225 or via email



PREPARE stands for Premarital Personal And Relationship Evaluation. This is a relationship inventory designed to help individuals discover some of the basic strengths and growth areas in their relationship. Couples individually respond to statements and complete a survey sheet. These responses are sent away for analysis and returned within the fortnight. A feedback session is held with each couple and the strengths of their relationship are discussed as well as any areas that may require attention. PREPARE is intended to help the couple build on the strengths in their relationship and so be better prepared for the commitment of marriage.



It is important to note that the following documents need to be presented to the minister celebrating your marriage. The Notification of Intended Marriage form must be completed at least one month before the wedding. Birth Certificates and Certificates of death, divorce (Decree Absolute) or Annulment as applicable will need to be produced by the couple.



If you like further information please send an email to or ring (08) 8388 1225.