Music at St Michael’s incorporates a range of styles and experiences. Traditional music and hymns are used, and contemporary music, ranging from the Alltogether series to Hillsong repertoire, is also actively promoted.  Apart from being central to the church’s regular worship life, music is a focus at special events and services. Whether you are a vocalist, a pianist, an organist or an instrumentalist, and no matter what your age, experience or ability, there is an opportunity to be involved within the musical life of the St. Michael’s.





Bands are involved in our 9.30am and 10.30am Sunday morning services. Each band has its own Leader and individual style determined by the musicians and instruments involved.


These bands are generally rostered on once a month and provide an opportunity for musicians to consolidate and further music abilities, foster relationships and grow spiritually.


They are as follows:

Acoustic Group

Incorporating a range of instruments, this band’s repertoire includes hymns and contemporary songs. Lead by vocalists and a pianist, it has flutes, violins, a viola, guitars and a double bass. Mentoring younger musicians is an important aspect of this group.


Brass and Woodwind Group

Using a range of brass and woodwind instruments and also incorporating guitars and drums, this band’s repertoire also includes a mix of hymns and contemporary songs. It is led by vocalists and a pianist. Mentoring young musicians is also actively fostered in this band.


Young Adults’ Band

Contemporary in its repertoire and comprised entirely of Young adults who encourage and support each other, this band has numerous guitars, drum kit, piano and vocalists.


Other Contemporary Bands

Our final two Bands incorporate guitars, vocalists, drums and are comprised of a range of musicians. Repertoire used is contemporary in nature.



Our traditional 8.30am Sunday morning Worship in the Church is led by an organist on our beautiful pipe organ and a variety of hymns are used at this service.


A sung liturgy is also used twice a month, and a spoken order on the other Sunday of the month.

Organ 1

 Organ 2





An Adults’ Choir and a Children’s Choir (known as the Angels) exist at St Michael’s and draw upon a range of ages, encompassing around 50 people.


Each choir meets twice a year to prepare for performances at special services which are advertised during the course of a given year. Along with performing separate repertoire they join as a mass choir at these events.


Both traditional and contemporary music is sung by both choirs.

Other Music Groups

Our Saturday night service (SMS) is led by smaller groups of musicians. Groups are comprised of vocalists and a pianist and music chosen is contemporary. Once a month CDs are used in place of live musicians.

Easter, Christmas and other Special Seasons and services in the church year ensure that various music groups are formed to enrich the worship life of the community. These groups draw from the range of musicians available and utilise a range of vocalists and instrumentalists depending upon the event and availability of our musicians.


For further information please contact the church office