Our Team


 Fin Klein

Fin Klein



Michael Dutschke


Michael has been a pastor of St. Michael's since October 2015, and also serves part time at Grace Lutheran Church at Bridgewater. He is responsible for the oversight of Life Groups (small groups) and Spiritual Growth, as well as other pastoral duties. Michael is married to Gina and has 2 teenage children, Alisha and Damon.


Sharon Fitzgerald 1

Sharon Fitzgerald

Office Administration

Sharon's role oversees the church plant and equipment, ensures compliance with legislations, provides support for the Treasurer, provides administrative support to Pastor and staff, develops and distributes rosters and administers bookings for the church complex. Sharon is married to Mark with two sporty boys.

Anna Klatt Copy

Anna Klatt

Worship and Music Coordinator



Ali Hoopmann

Ali Hoopman

Cafe 3:16 Mission Coordinator

Ali commenced her role as Mission Coordinator for cafe 3:16 in January 2015. She is excited about managing the café and working alongside the fantastic team of volunteers that staff this venture. Ali enjoys coffee, meeting people and encouraging others to grow in their faith. cafe 3:16 provides the perfect setting to chat over great coffee and lovely food as people develop their relationships with others and ultimately with their Saviour. Ali is married to Mick and together they have 3 great kids, who love to help in the café when they have the chance.



 Janine Liebelt

Janine Liebelt

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Janine begain her role as Youth Ministry Coordinator in Novermber 2017.  She has a passion for seeing youth grow in their faith, connecting with others, discovering about life in a safe caring environment and learning how to share their faith with others. Janine is married to Brent and they have 3 youth aged boys, who love Jesus and spending time with friends.

 Kerryn Liebelt  

Kerryn Liebelt

Child and Family Ministry Coordinator                                                  


Leah Darcy  

Leah D'Arcy

Office Manager             

Leah D’Arcy was employed on a fixed term contract working 19 hours per week in March 2017 as a result of the administration planning project undertaken in October 2016.  The purpose of the position is to support the ministry, vision, mission and values of the congregation through professional office management, relationships management and effective supervision of office administration and volunteers.  The Office Manager is responsible for transformation of administration systems in order to support ministry teams and volunteers, through creation and implementation of a church office procedures manual, creation and distribution of role and team description documentation with supportive volunteer handbook, creation and implementation of compliance procedures and documentation in accordance with LCA Policy, National and State Legislation, in support of Church Council.